Tuesday 25 May 2010

Visit Furzey Gardens whilst at Bartley Barn

Last week's guests had previously stayed at Bartley Barn last July (Bartley Barn enjoys an increasing number of repeat visitors) and wanted to come in May this year in order to see Exbury Gardens with the rhododendrons and azaleas in full bloom. They spent two happy days at Exbury and also made a point of telling me about their trip to Furzey Gardens near Minstead, which I have never visited. They were enthusiastic about the beautiful colours of the shrubs, the serenity of the place and the warm welcome of the owners and staff at Furzey Gardens. They also enjoyed the lovely drive from Bartley Barn at Hatchet Pond, across the forest via Beaulieu Road station and Lyndhurst (one of my favourite forest routes), to Furzey Gardens. Visit www.bartleybarn.info for more information about Bartley Barn and our availability calendar. I need to update the calendar in fact - we have a booking for next May already!

Monday 10 May 2010

Freshly laid free range eggs at Bartley Barn!

There's an extra incentive for coming to stay in our New Forest self catering accommodation at Bartley Barn this summer - our relatively recently acquired hens are now all laying, and even when our whole family eat scrambled eggs for breakfast we have eggs to spare!

We still have some availability at Bartley Barn in June and July - when the days are at their longest and the sunsets over Hatchet Pond at their most spectacular. Visit our website www.bartleybarn.info and check our availability calendar. Julia, Buddy, Biscuit and the rest of the hens look forward to meeting you

Saturday 1 May 2010

East Boldre weather phenomenon

We've lived in East Boldre now for 15 years and I've often marvelled at what I call the East Boldre weather phenomenon. During periods of unsettled weather especially in spring and summer, I spot threatening cloud to the north west over Brockenhurst and around to the north towards Lyndhurst - in fact you can see that it's raining there. Yet here in East Boldre and to the south of us the sky remains bright! And so it is again today. In the past couple of hours I've just driven the 5 miles to Brockenhurst to do some errands. All the while it's been dry here, whilst in Brockenhurst it was, and indeed looks from here as if it still is, pouring with that steady, very wet making kind of rain! Moral of the story: look for your New Forest self catering accommodation here in East Boldre! Currently Bartley Barn is occupied by a couple with their dogs who've come sensibly equipped with coats and wellies - but they're happy that they can enjoy the sunshine on the private terrace of their accommodation! (They were also pleased that our 6 chickens all laid eggs yesterday and I was able to share our spoils for their breakfast!)